You Will See God

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 87

See how God will punish the wicked! See how he will arouse himself and save his own!

According to the prophets, this is the last time. “Repent,” God tells us, “and live according to my will. Keep my commandments and I will no longer be angry with you. Then I will be your Lord and God.”

God is very kind. He judges with mercy and will keep you from sin if you do not follow the devil. He will keep the trouble that befalls you within limit. If you guard your mouth and walk on the right way he will never forsake you.

God is gentle and quick to deal out the riches of his grace. He forgives the sinner that abandons his way and calls on him. To him he freely gives all things and remembers his sins no more. So wake up Christians, love your Father, God! Trust him, and if your hearts are pure you will see him.

Martin aus Vielgraten,       -1538, Südtirol, Italy

Captured, tortured, beheaded at the Michaelsburg in the Puster Valley, with Casper Schumacher.

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