You See Me, Lord!

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 147

With an open heart and life I stand before you Lord. You see everything in me.

I can hide nothing from you, so why should I try? My only desire is to keep my flesh and blood under control, to hold still, so you may accomplish your work in me.

I want to keep my feelings under control, and to govern myself according to your holy teachings, no matter how much my flesh shrinks back and seeks another way.

Oh how unwilling I find my flesh! How it protests and rebels! Only with the greatest difficulty can I keep it on the right way, or induce it to carry your cross.

But there is no option. To be your disciple I must be like you. Of those that are ashamed of you now, you will be ashamed when you come again.

To confess Christ involves much more than an act of the mouth. It involves our actions—what we say and do all day long.

When the Sabbath comes it will be too late to flee. Let us not be pregnant with such a burden of worldly goods and luxuries that we cannot get away!

At that time no amount of crying, “Lord, Lord,” will save us. Opportunities will have fled to return no more.

Therefore let us work while it is day. Help us Lord, through Jesus Christ!

To begin, or to get half way with Christ, is not enough. To reach the end is what counts! The one that perseveres to the end will be saved. Therefore Christ, start-whistle and finish-line of our faith, complete your work in us!

Peter Ecker, ca. 1546, Moravia

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