You are My Comfort

Ausbund, 39

I will praise you Lord in this, my last hour. Strengthen me! Give me faith! My time has come to leave. Remember me in grace, during this my last fight. My spirit I give to you with joy. Christ help me bear the cross, and forgive my executioners. They know not what they do.

I cannot leave your Word. That is why people hate me and tear my body from my soul. I cry to you Lord for grace. You are trustworthy and my only comfort.

Mark wrote what Christ said: “Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved.” But for keeping his command we suffer.

Do not take it hard, my friends, trust God! Do not mourn my bitter death. It is my way to God, out of this valley of grief. The one that lives in luxury will suffer pain after death. Therefore let us suffer patiently. May God increase our faith!

Before laying our gift on Christ’s altar we should stand in peace with everyone we know. Therefore God, I pray you, forgive those that kill me. Give them grace! I commend myself, body and soul, into your hands. Do not leave me during the crisis to come! Let me triumph in you!

Hans Leupold,      -1528, Kleinaitlingen, Bayern, Germany
Converted as young tailor, active evangelist, he was arrested with 88 believers at Augsburg. Tortured and sentenced to death he declared,“No indeed, good men of Augsburg, but from death to life!”
He was married, with two small children, the youngest five months old, at his execution.

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