Write Your Law on our Hearts

Ausbund, 74

Lord Jesus, Saviour of repentant hearts, help us out of sin’s pain! Teach us to live by your Father’s will, by the new covenant, the true foundation prepared for all that cling to you. Let us come into your blessed safety.

Christ take us who have come to you in faith, through baptism, and hold us fast. Do not let us turn from you or become like the world again. Write your law on our hearts so we may keep the covenant with everything inside us.

Jesus, eternal good, you have bought us with your blood. Take us into your arms! Teach and rule us. Lay your hands on us and make us strong! Help us to act according to your will so we may know that we are born again, inside.

Punish us where necessary, break our stubborn wills.

Lead us into a fruitful life by daily surrender, coming under your yoke, and following your little flock inwardly gifted with your Truth.
Help us Lord in the strength of faith to receive your bread and wine in holy community. That is the blessing. That is inner life in Christ, always increasing, until we sing your praise in eternal blessing with you!

Lorenz Ringmacher, 16’th Century, Europe

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