When Summer Comes Again

Ausbund, 64-65

With everything inside me I rejoice in the prospect of the lovely summer when God restores heaven and earth, when all creatures will recover perfection again.

The sun will shine new and clean. The stars will glow many times brighter. For the joy of his children the Lord will adorn the firmament with beauty before unknown. No tongue shall adequately describe the glory of eternity. No words will do it justice until the youngest day . Then we shall know how God is and what he can do.

Soon the trumpet blast of God will wake all flesh. Then we who are born in Christ will shine in his glory forever. He will raise our bodies—our bodies complete with skin and hair—and give them to us again. But our souls will be beautiful and pure, like the sun, and true joy will be ours.

The Lord Christ and all his angels will receive us. Then we will see the one that suffered for us, the patriarchs, the prophets, and an unspeakably great host with them. They will not be ashamed of us, but will receive us into their family. We will mingle with them in the presence of Christ, our God in flesh like ours.

In that day God will judge the world, throwing the devil with all hypocrites and servants of mammon into hell. But to Christ and to us he will give the Kingdom. Every distress will end. The devil will not be able to get us anymore.

Trouble, anxiety, sorrow, complaints, sickness, pain, depression, worry, and sadness—all that is bad will not hold us any longer. But the Lord Jesus will lead us, his bride, into the presence of his father. He will love us and adorn us with heavenly beauty. With him we shall joyfully enter the garden of God where the fountain of life flows and the wedding feast stands prepared. Wonderful music, man and angels singing will sound in eternal light.

With God we will feast forever, our deepest longings fulfilled. Blessing and honour and glory and power to God the Father and to the Son will be our new song.

Now I sing joyfully! Seeing what shall come gets me dancing, exulting in my heart, my spirit free from the this world’s restraints! I set my sight on things above and count this world for nothing.

Why should we be sad in trouble that will last only for a moment? The cross we may carry with joy if we trust in God.

Certainly, we must suffer much if we will reign with our hero, Christ. But the time is very short! He will come and rescue us! Soon! Let worldly people make fun of us all they like. Let them be clever in their own eyes, change with the wind, and distort the truth. But look, a strong man sits on heaven’s throne! The judge of all the earth. He takes note of it all. He is coming! Very soon we shall hear the call as the bridegroom sweeps into view!

Oh God, let us be ready to meet you, our lamps burning bright! Oh God, hold us fast in the faith in this evil time. The vines are budding. Eternal summer is breaking upon us. Let us take part in its joy!

H. Walter, 16’th century, Europe

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