What You Can Yet Do Without

How the Outer Man is Led to the Inward

We may know the truly surrendered person through four things: His walk is humble and correct so that what he says is more through deeds than words.

He is a quiet and stable person, not flitting from one thing to another. He does not lightly attach himself to persons or things, but keeps his vision clear. He is not quarrelsome but peaceful in his personal relationships.

Do not offer to do more than you can handle. Sometimes the most zealous people are the least appreciated. Just do humbly, quietly, what lies before you.

Do not try to be what you are not. Blessed is the man that spares his words and avoids getting involved in the unnecessary. The greater in number your activities and projects, the more opportunity you have to do foolish things.

If you want to have all things, forsake all things.

A truly surrendered person does not think about what he yet needs. He thinks about what he can yet do without.

Heinrich Seuse, ca. 1295-1366, Schwaben, Germany

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