Wedding Robes

Ausbund, 122

Praise God for bearing us again and giving us beautiful new robes! Wedding robes for the marriage supper of the Lamb! Rejoice all Christians that God invited you and prepared a great hall for the feast!

All that suffered and fought for him will sit around tables there. Rejoice oh Zion, holy community of God! Your bridegroom comes! He has freed you from your sins and taken the Kingdom for his own. Now he has prepared a city for you to inhabit safely, and he dresses you in beautiful silken clothes!

Those that wore silk on earth will be rejected. But those that lived holy lives will put on the fine silk of righteousness in the Kingdom of God. Blessed is the one that has kept his garments clean! Blessed the chosen with garments washed in the blood, when the trumpet sounds! But woe to the ones with their garments soiled, or no wedding garment at all, when the times comes to sit at the table of God! God will bind them hand and foot and throw them out into the darkness.

Therefore Zion, holy community, hold fast what you have! Fight with Christ to the end and see that no one steals your crown!

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th century, Europe

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