Watching When the Trumpet Sounds

Ausbund, 5

Lord, you are full of grace. You are good and kind. You let us find you, and take us to be your children if we do your will. For this we thank you, through Christ. We thank you for wanting to keep us from sin as long as we live.

Lord, you are very strong! You fling those that hate your children into hell. But your mercy is great toward those that turn and find you. Through Christ you free them from their sins.

Do not leave us Lord! Help us to walk with you day after day. We cry to you through Christ in whom you suffered too: Stay with us! Lead us with your hand until the one that hung on the cross may give us the victor’s crown!

Prepare us for the evening feast through Christ, your son. Free us from death and clothe us with your Spirit.

Who will serve us at your table, Lord, but the one that knows all hearts and sets us free from sin? Blessed are all invited to his feast! Blessed are all that stay with Christ, even through great anxiety like his on the cross.

Blessed are all that appear in wedding robes, kept spotless for his return!

Give us pure love, Lord! Let us walk the way with courage until we step with the wise virgins through your open door!

Blessed are those found watching when the trumpet sounds!

Georg Cajacob (Blaurock), 1492-1527, Bonaduz, Domleschg, Switzerland

Converted priest, one of the first Anabaptists, active evangelist, burned at the stake, Klausen, Südtirol, Italy.

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