The Heavens are Opened (part one) — Excerpts from the writings of Eberhard Arnold (1883 — 1935), founder of the Bruderhof Communities in Hesse, Germany. Narrated by Peter Hoover, with photos of the Hoover family of Costa Rica.

The Heavens area Opened (part two) — Eberhard Arnold.

The Light — Switzerland and South Tyrol — A report of the beginnings of Anabaptist communities in Zürich, Switzerland and Südtirol in Italy. Narrated by Peter Hoover.

Norway, 2004 — Report of three brothers from the Elmendorf Christian Community of Minnesota, USA. Garry and Dennis Wurtz with Peter Hoover.

Norwegen, 2004 – Vetaalt en Plautdietsch van Peter Hoover. En dee Tiet van Elmendorf in Minnesota.