Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 448

I stand ready Lord to give my life for you. With all diligence I intend to keep myself unspotted for your honour, with the help of your grace.

My own strength amounts to nothing, so increase my faith! I cry to you from the depths of my inner being: Do not forsake me! Let the sap of your Spirit flow into me so I may overcome the enemy of my soul.

Protect me from false doctrine. Enemies—people that twist and distort your Word—abound. Rise up! Save us from their power with your stretched out arm! Do not let them desecrate your name, but let us praise you in unity, with truth.

I cast myself, in great distress and need, upon you Lord. I trust you and know your Light will shine on me again. You are my joy! Let me tell all men the wonders of your grace and find my treasure in your Word alone.

Your children, Lord, are weak—easily intimidated and confused. Give them what they need to fight! Let me be among them, a victor, as my name [Siegmund] implies!

Let me stand my ground though Satan with all his power, his pomp, and treachery, rise up against me.  

Sigmund Hassauer, 1560s, Servant of the Word, Kostel, Moravia

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