Unequalled Love

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 421

How richly Lord, do you comfort those that trust in you! If we believe in your Word you deliver us from all distress. You support us, remember us always, and receive us for your own. Let me never forget your love! Let me never lose the wonder your Son, Jesus, coming from heaven to earth to save us!

You promised him the heathen, for whose souls he paid the price of his blood. For them he despised the shame, took up his cross, and carried it without complaint.

Christians, remember! Remember how he left his father’s kingdom, took on the form of a servant, to suffer and abuse among men. Who can measure such love?

The King of Glory became the servant of man, setting for us an example, and calling us to follow him.

Unequalled love—love that compelled him to die so we might live—bought us from the house of hell with his blood!

Love set us free from death and won us a place in his Father’s kingdom. It turned us from enemies into friends. It opened the windows of mercy upon us and made us children of God.

Let us walk in love through everything we do. Controlled by love we stay in God and God in us.

Let us not take this lightly! Through love he caused the sun of grace to shine in our hearts and through love he gave us the Word. The one that loves God keeps his Word and obeys it in every detail. The pleasure of his heart is to know God’s laws, and in serving God through serving his brothers and sisters he finds never-ending joy.

God will not forsake those that love him with all their heart and mind—those that grasp his Word in faith. He will honour those that let absolutely nothing diminish their love for him.

Peter Ridemann, 1506-1556, Hirschberg, Schlesien, Germany

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