Two Kinds of People

The Little Book of Truth III

Two kinds of people circle the cross of Christ without ever coming to it. One kind sees only the outer, natural side of the cross and Christ’s work. The other kind sees only the inner, spiritual side. But because they see only one thing or the other, the cross has no life-changing effect upon them.

To come to the cross we must surrender ourselves outwardly and inwardly to Christ. Then, even though the cross is very painful, we may endure it in a pleasant frame of mind. As Christ, our Head, suffered the cross, we, his body, follow him.

In our following of Christ, we, his body, are to be a clear mirror image of the life he lived on earth. We are to be one with him in our thoughts, and one in keeping to what he taught.

Those that see only the inner, spiritual, side of Christ’s work are those unprepared to suffer outwardly with him. Those that see only the outer side are the ones that make hard and fast rules about everything, punishing themselves and others, but missing the grace of Christ within.

These people are unlike Christ. They are proud, self-righteous, strict, and rude. They mistreat others and think that everyone not following their example is in the wrong.

Not so, is the Spirit of Christ. Only by coming to the real Christ and looking on him do we become truly obedient, gentle, longsuffering, and virtuous in the heart.

Heinrich Seuse, ca. 1295-1366, Schwaben, Germany

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