Twelve Virgins

Ausbund, 60, (vom Christlichen Frauenzimmer)

Faith, protects me from the devil’s host. Having Faith, his rage against me does no harm for I believe that God will stay with me.

Moderation, lives with the godly, controlling their impulses, keeping fleshly desires in check.

Self-control, a great and valuable skill for those that have mastered it, lets believers hold their ground.

Peacefulness, not worldly wisdom, makes us pleasing to Christ. The peaceful will see his glory.

Simplicity, is the right ground to build on. To walk with Simplicity all the time, to let go of created things and to enter the God’s community, clean, brings us no regret.

Innocence, survives all the attacks of the evil one. In the clear light of Innocence our souls may rest, and we exult before God with great joy.

Truth, keeps us on the right way to the Kingdom of God. Everyone that finds Truth and follows her will overcome.  

Purity, noble crown and reward of God’s chosen ones. Even though all men despise him for it, the one that has Purity enters the Kingdom of God.

Gentleness, gives good counsel. It is friendly to all, suffers long, and holds no grudges. Those that have Gentleness let go of vengeful desires.

Understanding, gift of the Holy Ghost, and comfort for all that pursue her. Let us not give up until we have Understanding in plenteous supply.

Docility, as opposed to stubbornness, does not grow bitter when opposed. But the stubborn think themselves the only ones that know. God, do not let them mislead us!

Love, the strong bond that ties these twelve virgins together will not let any drop out of sight or get lost. Having love we may walk the narrow way without fear, knowing that all of life’s mysteries will stand clearly revealed to us, at the end.

anonymous Anabaptist song writer, 16’th Century

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