Truth in Creation

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 39

How lovely your commands, almighty God! Far greater in value than fine gold! May your holy community praise you!

Pure truth shines through all creatures, showing to us your will. The heavens display the work of your hands. Land and sea confess your teachings.

Mountains and deep valleys, shining plains, birds in the forest declare your truth. Every one of your works, Lord, praises you!

We humans stand before you amazed at how perfectly you have made everything in its time. How would we dare withstand you?

God’s work is not only wonderful now. It continues in perfect order throughout eternity! All men must know this, and for this reason God sent us his Son to show us the way to life.

If we walk on that way he will give us his Spirit. His Spirit, in turn, reveals to us what the Scriptures mean.

Through the Spirit and the Scriptures we come to understand how Christ, true man and true God, overcame death.

Praise God for the Comforter of the weak, the Spirit that writes his law on our hearts, and tells us how we may keep ourselves from sin!

Hans Hut,       -1527, Haina bei Römhild, Thüringen, Germany

A converted bookbinder, present in the battle of Frankenhausen (Bauernkrieg), he baptised many. Working as an evangelist thoughout Austria, he was captured, tortured, died by burning in prison.

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