True Surrender

The Little Book of Truth, IV

What does Paul mean when he says no law is necessary for the righteous (1 Timothy 1:9)?

The truly righteous person operates from a totally surrendered heart. He does nothing through compulsion, but freely and gladly does what he knows Christ wants him to do because his self-will has been conquered. The great majority of people however, do not operate like this. They are not surrendered inside so they must be compelled to do good.

What does a truly surrendered person do? Does he continue in good works or not?

Even though he does good, he takes no pride in it. Even though he works, it is all the same to him as if he wouldn’t have worked, because it is not for his own glory. He glories in the Lord.

How does the surrendered person relate to others?

The one that has truly surrendered himself to God relates freely and openly to all men, without the hindrances of prejudice, favouritism, or dislike. He is compassionate to all men, but without undue involvement or worry.

How does such a person eat, drink, and sleep?

In outward things the truly surrendered person keeps on doing what is necessary for life, but he does not live to eat, drink, and sleep, like an animal. He does everything mindful of God for whom he lives. In all his actions and words he practices moderation and simplicity. He keeps himself pure and quiet, in a tranquil state of mind.

Heinrich Seuse, ca. 1295-1366, Schwaben, Germany

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