Tried Like Gold

Ausbund, 7

Christ, on gathering his little flock around him, said, “Carry the cross, patiently, every day. Be of good courage at all times. Love nothing on earth more than me and my words.”

“The world,” said Christ, “will hate you. It will make fun of you and despise you. It will chase you away and say that Satan lives in you. But rejoice! If you suffer for me you will receive your reward.”

“Look at me,” Christ said, “I am the Son of God. I did nothing wrong, yet they killed me! They said I had an evil spirit and called me a deceiver of men. The world resisted my message of truth, and it will resist you too! But do not fear those that can only kill the body.

Fear God! God will try you like gold, but lovingly, because you are his children. And if you stay with my teachings I will not leave you. I am yours and you are mine. Where I stay you will be too. The one that molests you touches me in the eye and woe to him on the day of judgement!

On that day your weakness, your terror, anxiety, distress and pain will turn into great joy! Your shame will turn into glorious praise before the heavenly host!”

Oh Christ, help us that follow you! Relieve us, through your sufferings, in our need!
Michael Sattler, ca. 1490-1527, Baden-Württemberg, DE, entered Benedictine order at young age, converted, married Beguine, Anabaptist leader and writer, captured with wife and others, mutilated, burned at the stake, wife drowned 8 days later

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