The Wedding Robe

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 307

What shall false securities do for you? Or foolish imagination? You know there is only one way to heaven. That is the way of the cross, suffering, and pain. If you hope for the prize, this is clearly the way you must go!

We must throw from us everything that might hinder us along the way. All running, apart from this, is in vain. Unless our lamps are burning when the bridegroom comes, we will not go to the feast with him. Unless we wear a wedding robe, our standing among the guests in the Lord’s Gemein will avail us nothing. That robe is justified righteousness won through true repentance.

If we refuse to live righteously no amount of crying, “Lord, Lord,” will save us. Listening to preachers will not save us either, apart from being born again out of water and spirit and following Christ.

Christ said, “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor.” Only after doing this willingly may we stand before him in eternal glory. Whoever teaches differently will pay for it on the great day when the eternal Overshepherd judges the world.

Bärtl Riegel, chosen 1553 as servant of the Word, Anabaptist community, Sabatisch, Slovakia, survived great persecution of 1548, although captured, tortured, banished, driven from home in winter and forced to live with other surivors in underground catacombs.

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