The Way to God

Deutsche Theologie XIII

No one can be made perfect in a day.

The way to God begins through denial of self, willingly forsaking all things for God’s sake. We must give up our own wills, our natural inclinations, separating and cleansing ourselves from evil ways.

Doing this, we humbly take up the cross and follow Christ.

This makes us willing to receive example and instruction, reproof, counsel and teaching from God’s servants, not following our own ideas.

In this way, what we do shall be established and come to a good end.

And we have broken loose, leaping out of the midst of worldly temptations, we begin to find goodness and joy in the quietness of our hearts that become like the temple of God. Only, if we want God, we must let the world go. There is no other way.

Berthold Pirstinger, ca. 1500, Chiemsee, Bayern, Germany

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