The Way of Peace

The Following of Christ

Learn how to get along with yourself. Then you will get along with others.

A peace-loving person does society far more good than one with an education.
One who disturbs the peace turns good into evil and readily believes what is not true. But a peaceful person draws good from everything, even from what he or she cannot fully understand.

The one that enjoys inner peace thinks no evil of others, but suspicions of many kinds plague the one that is discontented at heart. He comes to no rest in himself and cannot let others rest. He often says what he should not, and fails to say what he should. He points out what others overlook, but overlooks many things himself.

Get zealous about your own good conduct. Watch out for yourself before starting to work on others.

You easily excuse yourself but find it hard to accept the excuses of others. How much better—and more fair—it would be to blame yourself and excuse the rest!

If you want others to bear with you, bear with them.

Just see how far you still are from the true love, and from the humility, that never takes offence, and is never displeased with anyone but itself!

It is nothing great to get on with the good and gentle. Anyone can manage that. Anyone can live in peace with those they agree with, and with those that treat them nicely. But to live peacefully with difficult, stubborn and undisciplined people, or with those that always disagree and complain—now that is a wonderful grace and a most valiant and praiseworthy accomplishment.

Some live in peace with themselves and those around them. Others do not have peace and will not let others have it. They are a burden to the rest, but always a greater burden to themselves.

Then there are people that keep themselves in peace and do as much as they can to bring others into a peaceful frame of mind.

All peace in life has to do with humbly forbearing one another, not with being free from opposition.

The one most willing to suffer enjoys the greatest peace. Such a person conquers himself, becomes master of the world, a friend of God, and an heir of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Geert Groote, 1340-1384, Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life, Deventer, Netherlands

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