The Song of Falkenstein Castle

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 100

Oswaldt Falger: “Father, stand with us, so we may freely confess you before the world! The world makes fun of you and asks, ‘Where is God that we should believe in him?”

Christoph Aschberger: “Dear Father, will you save me from the fear of those that want to kill me? They come upon me in a rage and dig traps for me. But you are my captain, my shield and my defense!”

Jobst von Vilach: “Arouse yourself Lord, and remember our plight! The godless think you do not care what happens to us. But lift your hand and save us from eternal pain!”

Sebastian (Bastl) Beckh: “The godless will not listen to what you have said, Lord. They sieze your people on the earth and devour them. Have mercy, therefore, on us! Save your little flock and keep us in your arms!”

Blasius (Blasy) Schneider: “You will not forsake us Lord. You hate the scheming of the godless and will overturn what they have planned. Keep us, through this hour of great need, in your hands!”

Wolfgang (Wölffl) Schwägl: “Do not let our present need frighten us back from you, Lord. Do not let the evil and godless crowd persuade us to sin again. With the hypocrisy of the priests and the threat of the hangman, the Antichrist wants to ensnare us. But save us Lord, from falling prey to him!”

Leonhardt Roth: “Give us the grace Lord, to carry your cross with willing hearts. Give us your Spirit’s love. Do not let us look back, but help us keep your covenant every day, every hour, until the end!”

Hans Prügl: “Strengthen me in your covenant Lord, is the deepest desire of my heart. Let me wait patiently, quietly, on you. Take my weakness and make it your own. Protect me!”

Kasper Braitmichel:
“Praise, thanksgiving, and honour to Christ, for letting us hear his Word of grace! Let us exalt him! Let us bring him our offering in righteousness with great joy! Let us praise him with song!

Georg Krel: “I want to bring my offering to you Lord, with joy. In the power of Jesus Christ I want to bring it so you may give us your saving grace. Fight for us until we make it through!”

Georg (Jörgl) Salzburger:
“We have a great number of enemies. They surround us. Help us to fight bravely until we take, with Christ your Son, the eternal kingdom!”

Georg J. Schneider: “We trust you Lord, from the heart. Give us love, unity, and faith. Stand with us until we receive your eternal Kingdom with all the saints. We will be quiet in your presence as long as our bodies and lives remain.”

Johann (Hännsl) Taurer: “Give us your blessing Lord so we may offer up our bodies and lives to you. Give us grace to confess you before men at all times, and never to be ashamed of your cross.”

Peter Hagen: “Help us Lord so we may praise you! Lead out in the battle so we may follow you and confess you courageously before all. Let your love burn in us!”

P.T. : “My deepest desire Lord, is to stay true, no matter how great the pain. Help me, even while dying, to be brave! Stay with me so nothing will weaken my resolve.”

Gilg P. Jr.:
“Take us by the hand Lord, and lead us safely into your kingdom, the promised land! With our hearts aflame we want to confess you before the world.”

Georg Schüster: “Lord, keep us forever in what is right! Let the sap of your Holy Spirit flow into us so we may wrestle like knights, fearlessly! Help us to subdue our fleshly inclinations.

Anthony Schüster: “Lord, I will praise you for standing with me, and that you have kept me from falling. You are my strength, I am your creation. You are the one that rescues me, my God, my security, my shield, my helper in every distress.”

Jakob von Sternenvelß: “How friendly you are to us, Lord! All saints depend on you and trust you in everything. You will give us whatever we need. You will save us from eternal pain. My heart finds comfort in you, my castle, my strong support!”

Martin Schüster: “Lord, help us fight the wolves and bears that attack us from every side! Help us throw our enemies down! We trust in your strength for the victory.”

L. H. : “We cry to you Lord with everything inside us, deliver us from this valley of death! Take us to your eternal Kingdom to be with you!”

Matthäus Schüster: “Set your eyes, brothers, on what awaits us! After he leads us out of this valley of death the Lord will give us an eternal reward. Let us fight manfully on with the Lord’s help! We have committed ourselves to die together. May God help us so we may reign with Christ in eternal joy!”

Julius (Uli) Hofer: “Help us Lord to fight like men, not fearing death in these dangerous times. Let us win the crown in another world!”

All the brothers together: “We praise your name Lord! Deliver us from the devil’s trap and give us the strength to overcome. We will trust you. With your help we will finish our course with joy.

1539, Falkenstein Castle, Austria

Written by a number of the brothers, 136 in all, who were captured at a night meeting in Steinabrunn, Austria, and sentenced to galley slavery on the Mediterranean Sea (all except the adolescent boys among them who were sold into serfdom in Austria). Scaling a wall together at Trieste, all escaped. Twelve were recaptured, three died, but the rest made it back to Moravia.

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