The Living Word

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 214

For thirty-two years the powerful Word lived on the earth, but few paid it any attention. Even though great wonders took place—the sick recovered, the dead came to life, and the grace of God brought many into the Kingdom—few listened to the Word.

It was the Word of truth. The worldly-wise detested it, and set themselves in fierce opposition to it.

Worldly people heaped shame and abuse on Christ the Word. They classed him a criminal. They condemned him and killed him on a cross.

But dying he broke the power of death and smashed the gates of hell. Hell could not keep him in! He led death captive and broke into new, never ending life. This life he now gives to all that believe on him.

Those that believe and suffer with him he takes for his children. Those that pass the test of torture, pain, and violent death, like he passed it, take part in his glory.

Therefore Christians, awake! Prepare yourselves for the punishment of the Lord. Be comforted and don’t look back. Your salvation is near!

You have come into the true grace of God. It heals the wounds of sin and drives wickedness away.

Take your calling seriously. Praise the Lord with a pure life. Sing and play before him with a glad spirit, for he helps us in the great fight!

Wolfgang Sailer, ca. 1500-1550, Anabaptist leader at Auspitz, Moravia

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