The Jezebel Song

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 363

Turn my sorrow, the heavy sorrow I carry in my heart, from me, Lord. Help me overcome in these last times! When my flesh and spirit struggle with one another, help me subdue the flesh so the spirit may win and I may not be ashamed of your cross.

Keep me with your Word on the narrow way through the little gate Christ entered, and through which he calls everyone to follow him. The flesh trembles, the human nature complains and cries. It fears the cross and pain. But to obey the Spirit and suffer patiently is the only way to escape the much greater torment of hell.

Disobedience began with Satan, the old snake. It came through the wisdom of the flesh to Adam who forgot the Word and fell into eternal death. Satan cheated him. Like false Christians today, he twisted God’s words, but hypocrisy and lies, in the end, shall all be revealed.

God’s house, for many years, has been full of fleshly wisdom. But when the Word came it drove fleshly wisdom out, and God’s house stood clean again. God’s Word will never be broken. Those that remain obedient to it become heirs with Christ, like Naboth who stayed with his inheritance at the price of his life.

That Naboth would not sell his vineyard made Ahab very angry. But Jezebel had an idea. She killed Naboth with false accusations, treachery, and deceit, and between the two they took his vineyard for their own.

That is what happens today. Christ, and we his companions, are being driven out of our vineyard. Christ lost his life, and it looks like the vineyard is lost as well. But if we stick to him, walking in his steps, and suffering pain and death with him, guess what: The vineyard will be ours again! With Christ we will harvest its bounty in peace!

The Lion roars at the eagle, revealing his wickedness, and the thought of eternal destruction fills the dragon with rage. But oh Father, keep us children close to you!

Keep us from letting our inheritance go! Lead us with your right hand, your Word, into the promised land.

In hell, Babylon and all that belonged to her, will recognise those that suffer now as the true sons and daughters of God.  

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th Century, Germany

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