The Gift of Faith

Ausbund (16’th Century), 30

Lord I will praise you! You gave me the gift of faith. You gave me your holy Word. I feel it working inside me, through grace. It came from you and will not return to you empty. Now, in the secret place of my heart, I hope I will understand it correctly and carry out your will.

Your word, when I first felt it within me, really frightened me. At first I thought it would strangle me with its weight.

If you had not appeared right then with your beautiful Word of Grace, I would have gone under in eternal pain.

But you came, and I will praise your name to high heaven. Thank you for showing yourself to me, for not rejecting me, and for choosing me as your adopted child!

Now I cry to you, help me Father! Help me be your loving and faithful heir! Make my faith strong or else what we have begun to build will fall apart.

Do not forget me, but give me your Spirit to comfort me and help me fight like a brave knight in battle. The enemy strikes me. He pursues me, but the triumph is yours! With sharp weapons of false doctrine and violence he comes galloping upon me. I tremble all over.

But you had mercy on me! Through your grace, help, and power, you sent your Son to help me! You carry me through to victory! As soon as you hear me call you rush to my assistance and tackle my enemies yourself. For this I will praise you forever and shout abroad the news of your grace!

I cannot trust my flesh Lord. It is weak. But my comfort and strength is in your Word. Lord, assist me in my distress and carry me to rest in you.

Georg Cajacob (Blaurock), 1492-1527, Bonaduz, Domleschg, Switzerland

A converted priest, one of the first Anabaptists and an active evangelist, he was burned at the stake, Klausen, Südtirol, Italy.

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