The Fight at Falkenstein

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 89

God, almighty protector, Jesus Christ, gentle duke, Holy Spirit, give us your loving protection so we may not give up in confessing you!

We, your servants, find ourselves in bonds here in the Falkenstein Castle. We are here because we have repented of our sins and chosen to follow your footprints. It is like you said, all that will be your disciples must carry the cross, be persecuted, and pass through great tribulation. They must sow with weeping what they expect to reap with joy.

For this reason we ask you, noble duke, give us the double-edged sword of your Word so we may fight the legions of hell! Let us wear the coat of mail you wore. Gird us about with your truth, arm us with the breastplate of your righteousness, and the shield of faith.

Teach us to fight like knights, trusting in you! Help us withstand the kingdom of hell, keeping what you have taught us from your Word!

Jesus Christ, our king, our hero and  captain forever, chosen by God from David’s seed, your kingdom will never fall! All those that fight with knightly valour for you will inherit with you the eternal joy of your reign!

No eye has seen, no ear has heard the unspeakable beauty and peace you will give us in eternal life. Pleasure made perfect in new heavens and on a new earth where your righteousness will dwell.

Keep us Lord in the battle! Do not let our love for you grow cold. Let us hold the field with the power of your unlimited grace!

Leonhard Roth, 1539, Falkenstein Castle, Austria

Captured with 136 believers, men, women and young people, at a secret night meeting in Steinabrunn, Leonhard was taken to Falkenstein Castle, and sentenced with the rest to galley slavery on Mediterranean under Andrea Doria. Ninety men, most of them married and with children, were led in chains to Trieste, but all escaped over a sea wall. Twelve were recaptured, and three died, before the survivers (including Leonhard) made it back to Moravia.

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