The Fig Tree Turning Green

Ausbund, 69

When the Word of God came to earth in the form of a man he chose for himself a bride: The Christian Church. Love drove him to it. But the bride is still too young to get married. She must wait to the last day.

Long before the time of their birth, God chose this bride for his Son. Now she is engaged to him and God invites many guests to the coming marriage feast. Many are called but few are chosen, in fact, because they fail to get ready.

In the mean while, the bride prepares herself. She takes off her old worldly clothes, the desire for money and goods, for love of her chosen groom. She sets out to travel to the Fatherland, but encounters many afflictions along the way. The prince of Egypt takes her captive with water, ropes, and fire.

Why get involved, Pharaoh? Why detain her with your hosts? Don’t you remember what happened to your father when he resisted God?

The King of Heaven will come very soon, gloriously, mightily, to rescue his own. He will judge the world. The fig tree is turning green and summer is at hand. The groom will soon be here to fetch his bride. Get ready!

All you that want to meet him, wake up! Let Christ enlighten you! Soon winter comes, that Sabbath, when the groom will shut the door.

Then sun and moon will shine no longer. The stars will fall. The wicked, like the world, will pass away in fire. But those that live in righteousness — the bride — will meet the groom in never-ending joy!

Sigmund Boschen, 16’th Century, Europe

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