The Devil in Angels’ Clothes

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 221

Judging by the great tribulation we face at this time, the day of the Lord cannot be far off. Wild living and all manner of abominations abound. A flood of false doctrine has broken loose.

False brothers in hypocritical guise surround us. Watch out! They travel about to deceive, on land and sea, but I know them well. They love the world, money, and possessions, but hate the cross of Christ. They know nothing of true surrender (Gelassenheit). They love themselves very much but the Lord very little.

Community of goods does not appeal to these people (old Adam cannot handle it). They say “nobody lives that way.” But it is only an excuse to hide their own carnality.

They want to have fellowship with God but live every man for himself. A lie they have chosen, deceiving themselves and others with them! They pull at one yoke with the world and eagerly participate in worldly quarrels. Even though they piously refuse to take the sword, they press it into the hands of others, and like Pilate, wash their hands.

This is how the devil goes about in angel clothes. He deceives many, but by his fruits he can still be known. Pay him no attention! Sooner or later, with all his followers, he will be swept away. Then we will rejoice in God’s grace. We will look at what happened to the wicked and fear.

Christians stay true and strong! Let no strange doctrines creep in among you to weaken your resolve! False spirits, saying that God’s way is bondage, abound. But ignore what they say! God will vindicate himself. Then those that spoke against him will perish under his wrath.  

Wolfgang Sailer, ca. 1500-1550, Anabaptist leader at Auspitz, Moravia

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