The Comforter Will Come

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 494b

You can have me, Lord! I hate everything but you. Here is my heart—I lay it at your feet and wait on your mercy at the door of grace. I want to walk in your way Lord, but will you not send me your Comforter so I may hold out to the end?

“I received you the moment you turned to me,” the Lord Almighty answers. “I have taken you for my own and will never reject you again. Turn now to the one that died out of love for you, obtaining grace for your soul. Take up your cross and follow him—then, rest assured, the Comforter will come!”

“Believe and hold fast,” the Lord says. “Persevere and you will be saved! Seal the covenant of your belief with the water of baptism, and the Comforter will wash your sins away. Of course, you must pass through the wilderness of temptation. You must fast and pray and resist the devil, before angels will come to you.

Like Christ, riding on a donkey, you must learn humility and patience. If you want to break bread and drink wine with him, you must let go of vengeance and forgive, loving your neighbour from the heart, and holding Christ’s life as a pattern constantly before you.

Into the garden you must go with him, saying, ‘Your will, not mine, be done.’ With him you must suffer violence and if they lead you into Pilate’s hall, be patient, unafraid, doing what is right unto the end.

Do not worry what to say for the Comforter will stand with you. If they spill your blood, simply forgive them. It is a small pain. Commit yourself like Christ into my hands.

Then, on the day of your resurrection, you will rejoice! You will be free from the devil’s bands! All sorrow will have ended and you will receive a hundred times what you surrender now.”

On that day Christ himself will say, “Come to me blessed ones! Receive the Father’s eternal Kingdom I have prepared for you. It is yours forever because you confessed me, and trusted in me when the going was rough!”

Peter Ridemann, 1506-1556, Hirschberg, Schlesien, Germany

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