The Bridegroom

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 470

The Lord God is my strength and shield, the fortress of my trust. He never leaves me without the comfort of his Holy Ghost.

Though tribulations try me to the limit and anguish fills my soul he gives me love and patience, willingly, to overcome.

I will trust and believe in the Lord. He will not break his promises.

He purifies my heart, gives me a glad conscience, and the power to overcome my fleshly desires.

With compelling temptations and naked lust the wicked one lures my soul. But the Lord gives me victory!

He lets me overcome the devil and all things that hinder me. Though they burn me with fire and torture me to death I will testify for my Saviour with irresistable joy!

Look, the bridegroom is at hand! He stands by the cross and waits on his church, the chosen one!

Great comfort he will give her in the land to which they will go. Pleasures unending that no one can describe await them there. So let us go willingly, through the narrow door! Let us squeeze our way into it, leaving the sights and sounds of the tempting world behind us to gain Christ!

Even though we must suffer shame, persecution and death for Christ, it is worth it to live forever with him.

Peter Ridemann, 1506-1556, Hirschberg, Schlesien, Germany

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