Song of the Little Flock

Ausbund, 73

Lord Jesus Christ help us in this hour of need! Satan pursues us through all lands. Your little flock suffers persecution, oppression, violence, and dispersion. No place remains for us in the world.

King of heaven, Jesus Christ, your teachings and your Word are sweet to us. But for honouring your truth and seeking your kingdom, the world hates us! Keep us, your unworthy subjects, so we may trust you from the heart, look on you in faith, and build on you alone. The world laughs at you and makes fun. Small wonder it laughs at your followers too. Hold us fast Lord!

The flesh is weak. Send us your Holy Spirit to purge what is evil from us, to kill the old Adam inside. The flesh is stubborn and rebellious. It resists the bearing of your yoke. Great waves rise up around us, but you Lord can still the storm with the power of your name.

Have mercy on us Lord! Deliver us from Pharaoh with your mighty arm. Lead us through the sea and the wilderness until we come into the Kingdom—the Kingdom you conquered to give to your own. We will not be ashamed of you!

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th Century, Europe

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