Song of a Fearless Fighter

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 114

No matter how much I write or sing, I cannot fully describe the horrors now taking place. Generation of vipers, wicked priests have taken overhand. They kill the pious and tear the flesh of the righteous from their bones. Murderers of souls they are.

Rise up, rise up, all Christians to stand against them with the mind of Christ! If they kill you and carry your body away you have won the fight!

Let us not fear, even though they pursue us with a thousand spears. Even though we are tiny and weak, even though they chase us with guns and powder and poisonous snakes, digging traps for us and falling upon with the sword, we have nothing to fear. They kill themselves, not us.

Though the pope, the emperor, all the princes on earth, and the hosts of hell should unite against us they cannot hurt so much as a hair. Our captain is greater. Even though they hang us up, the shame is theirs.

We willingly risk our bodies and lives in this great battle. We fear not to pass through height, or depth, or the sea. No matter what happens to us, our victory is guaranteed.

We move invincibly forward, rank upon rank, our captain in the lead. No matter what the enemy tells us we do not fear. His threats are vain. Brother with brother we stand together and though we be driven into the sea, we win!

We fight but not for hire. Therefore world, and everything in you, farewell! God bless you brothers and sisters, God bless you wife and children! Farewell dearest and best, the friend I have left is God!

To my enemies I also say, farewell! I forgive you and hold nothing against you, even though you take my life. I die with joy. Make sure you die likewise, with no regrets!

Anthoni Erfordter,     -1541, Klagenfurt, Kärnten, Austria

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