Song of a Christian Youth

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 702

I cry to you Lord, the one that gave me life, in my distress. I am young, timid and weak. Give me wisdom to understand your Word. My deepest desire is for you to teach me what pleases you.

Teach me to carry your discipline well, like an obedient son, so I may feel love. Protect me from all sin. Strike the spark of divinity in my soul so the Light may shine. Let me feel the promise of a glorious future with you, and prepare me to serve you in love, in discipline, in shame, and friendly deeds.

Subdue my flesh to serve you Lord. Squelch youthful lust in me. Let me avoid all appearance of evil and help me live in a way that pleases you.

Spread your blessing over me and I will stand with joy and honour before you, drinking in the sight of your glory.

Where imperfections still mar my being, transform me Lord with your grace so I may live in your Kingdom, with Christ, forever.

Kasper Braitmichel,   – 1573, born in Schlesien, Germany, Anabaptist leader at Schäckowitz, Moravia

Began the writing of the “Grossgeschichtbuch,” the journal of the Hutterian Brethren. This song, in German, carries the acrostic “Judith” for the young sister that became Kaspar’s wife.

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