Articles and Messages

In alphabetical order you may find the names of those whose writings we have chosen to feature here. More, the Lord willing, shall appear as time moves on.


The Eucharist


Charles Pike — Serving the Woburn Church of Christ in Massachusetts, Chuck Pike is both a Bible teacher and an engineer. To learn more about him and his work, see

David Bercot — A writer and lawyer, living in Pennsylvania, turned to a serious study of the Early Christians to learn how they applied the Gospel of Jesus in their time. This took him to many surprising and convincing conclusions. To learn more of his work, see

Denny Kenaston — One of the founders of the Charity Christian Fellowship in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has already moved on to meet the Lord. The fruit of his work continues.

Earl Wenger Jr. — Growing up amongst the Stauffer Mennonites in Maryland and Missouri, Earl Wenger found his way through a progressive series of changes, deep challenges and pain until he found peace and lasting love in the Lord. He now lives in Boston, a member of the Followers of the Way.

Finny Kuruvilla — Of an Indian background, Brother Finny leads a small congregation in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as Sattler College nearby. To learn more about his work, see

John D. Martin — A writer and editor, John D. Martin lives in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and has shared many messages over the years. He is a servant in the Shippensburg Christian Fellowship close to where he lives.

Keith Regehr — Living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Keith serves the church, both as a counselor and minister.

Ken Burkholder — Pastor of the Deep Run Mennonite congregation, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Kurt Borgman — A minister of the Church of the Brethren serves a congregation in North Manchester, Ohio.

Marc Carrier — Working with his wife, Cindy, Marc Carrier and their ten children cooperate amongst many small fellowships sprouting up in south-western Kenya in Africa.

Matthew Milioni —  Living in Boston, Massachusetts, Matthew Milioni belongs to Followers of the Way, an earnest young fellowship that meets in homes. They are also closely related to Sattler College in the same city.