See the Scattered Sheep

Ausbund (16’th Century), 40

Father, see your servants’ misery!

See how the enemy pursues and assails without mercy everyone that acknowledges you! Everyone that keeps to your Word suffers rejection and disgust.

Oh God, we have all sinned before you. But we pray, mete out our punishment with grace, lest the world speak evil of your name.

We could have much peace if we did not confess your name—if we refused to believe in your Son that paid for the guilt of our sin on the cross. For no other reason than this the enemy hates us and seeks to kill us every day.

If we denied you, the Antichrist would stop hating us. If we believed his lies, trusted in error, and walked the broad way with the world our troubles would be over.

But Christ says, “The one that suffers shame and reproach for me will gain eternal joy.

Oh God, look down and see your scattered sheep. Have mercy on them! They have no shepherd anymore to teach them what is right. Send them your Holy Spirit that will feed them with grace. Listen, in your majesty, to our prayer. Temptations and strife surround us. Do not leave us but teach us patience through your Son, our captain in this war.  

Hans Koch (possibly Waldensian), beheaded 1524 at Augsburg, Bayern, Germany

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