Save Me, Lord!

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 222

Lord, I am weak. I feel like dying, in fact, from the load of grief I bear. But you are kind. Give me grace to withstand the harassment of Satan’s crowd that delights in tormenting my soul.

Lord, I am utterly miserable. Comfort has fled. Were it not for your support I would never get up anymore. Would you please deflect Satan’s arrows that come flying at me from every side?

Lord, my enemies come at me like wounded bears! Living for the flesh they resist your Word. They bay like dogs and lunge after me growling and starling, eager to gobble me up.

Lord, will you not protect your lambs? We have trusted ourselves into your care. Show us the way of life. Feed us with your Word. Give us to drink from the stream that flows from you, the Rock.

Lord, I wait on you to save me. Do not disappoint me! Loosen my bands. Drive my self-love from me with your grace.

Lord I confess my backsliding to you. Do not cut me off from your favour or my longstanding desire would be in vain. Then the false crowd would trap me in their hypocrisy.

Lord, no dangerous time like this has ever existed before. Satan has gone wild with unbridled sin. Let us identify him wherever he works so he does not pull us into his snares.

Lord, listen to the sorrowful sound of our harps and songs! Relieve us from the oppression of our enemies and we will praise you for your grace and mercy through Jesus Christ.

Wolfgang Sailer, ca. 1500-1550, Anabaptist leader at Auspitz, Moravia

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