Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 527

To follow Christ and reach the heavenly goal you must leave the world. You must renounce the devil and hate your own will.

“Repent!” cries the voice from the desert. “Repent and be converted, and you will find grace with God.” The axe already cuts into the tree that does not bear fruit. Soon it will fall. Fire will consume it and extinguish its life forever. But Christ says, “Come to me, you thirsty ones, and I will give you to drink from the fountain of truth. I will give you the water of everlasting life!”

The one that drinks from this fountain will never thirst for earthly possessions again. To please the Lord becomes his highest joy because the love of God has come into his heart. God’s Spirit leads him and he no longer walks on the path of sin.

The way is narrow and the gate small, that leads to blessedness. Few find it. But if we take up the cross and follow Christ, he will show us clearly where to go. Though the world hate us, the Father will hear our cries and crown us with eternal life.

May we inherit the Kingdom, Lord Christ, through faith in you!

Peter Ridemann, 1506-1556, Hirschberg, Schlesien, Germany

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