Proven in Conflict

The Book of Godly Encouragement, II

Paul says the Lord proves every one of us—every believer he accepts as his child—through suffering. Part of being a son of God is to bear punishment as sons.

Because Jesus Christ could not suffer in glory, his Father sent him to earth to experience it as a human, here. From this we can see that if we desire to be sons of God but do not want to suffer, we are altogether in the wrong.

The Book of Wisdom says God proves his own like gold is tried in the fire. In the same way earthly princes prove their knights by sending them into the forefront of the battle.

I knew a feudal lord that sent all his newly contracted cavalrymen on a dangerous mission at night. Then he would arm himself, ride out and attack them to see how well they fought. One time he was almost killed by one of his new men, but that was the one he preferred above the rest.

Heinrich Seuse, ca. 1295-1366, Schwaben, Germany

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