Prayer for Renewal

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 451

We stand in sorrow and great need, Lord, not knowing which way to turn. The joy you gave us threatens to leave, and we are deeply concerned. What should become of us in this world if your grace departed from us? We would already be in hell.

Renew us therefore with your power! Pour the glad blessing of your grace into our hearts so we may stand firm—so we may not go under in tribulation but overcome all things with your Word.

Do not wait, Lord. Have mercy on us, for we long with overwhelming desire for your grace. Arise and help! Now is the time! Do not let our enemies rejoice over us.

Our enemies stalk us like lions, thirsting blood. Goliath stands before us. Prepare us like David so we may take aim, fire, and kill him with your Spirit’s strength!

Ignite in us the fire of love for your Word, the flame and light of Truth. Then joy will overcome the flesh and the world.

Be the helper of the fatherless. Come to us with your grace and lead us out of all temptation. Comfort us with the grace we need. Keep us in the hollow of your hand and show us salvation in your name.

You are our God, and we your children. We cry to you because we trust you and expect to live in the pleasure of your good will, in the safety and peace of your kingdom forever!

Peter Ridemann, 1506-1556, Hirschberg, Schlesien, Germany

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