Pictures and Props

How the Outer Man is led to the Inward, ca. 1330

Lead a life directed toward inner things. Do not break out in great rash words or deeds.

Simply follow the truth, and when things do not go like you expect, do not be anxious about defending yourself. Let the Truth defend you.

God has no desire to rob us of pleasure. He only wants to give us pleasure in eternal things.

In deepest abasement we come to the highest exaltation.

The one that wishes to enter the inner place (communion with God) must not have many desires at the same time. We must become willing to let go of every desire that is less than to know God.

We must leave pictures and props—no matter how comforting they have been to us. All our striving should be to step out of the imaginary into the real. If we set our heart on special experiences and special people, chance builds on chance and that is wrong. We must let go of all that. But there is a place inside us where everything comes together. When we find it, we find God.

Be surrendered in joy and in sorrow. A surrendered person makes more headway in the Christian life in one year than a stormy person in three.

Heinrich Seuse, ca. 1295-1366, Schwaben, Germany

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