Persevering Love

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 564

Love keeps the believers pure in word, life and deed. It keeps them from growing cold and renews them continually, joyfully, in the Word of God. Love keeps them watching and waiting for Christ’s return, and ready at all times to enter the marriage feast with him.

In constant prayer, love keeps them close to God and strengthens them in their hearts. Love lets them rise in freedom from sin, hell, the devil and the world. It gives them all they need to overcome the lusts of the flesh, along with whatever fears, trembling, fright, or trouble may overtake them.

Love gives perseverance in suffering, persecution, and pain. It brings comfort and hope, and leads those that have it into heavenly joy. Love, on the day Christ comes, will bring incredible gain, with interest included. So brothers and sisters, children of God, set your hearts on love! Let love be found in us or everything we do is in vain!

Community of believers, I write you this message in love. Let love establish your hearts and mine with you. Let it flare up and burn brightly in us for a light to the world!

For this we prisoners ask you Lord, “Give us love!” We surrender our bodies, our spirits, and souls into your hands. Keep us through our last affliction, through pain and death in the power of your love, until we break through into everlasting joy! You who came this world in love, take us in love back to you again!

Hans Schmidt,        -1558, Raiffach, Tirol, Austria

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