Peace and Progress

The Following of Christ

We might enjoy much peace if we stopped making ourselves busy with what others say and do—that which does not concern us at all.

How can anyone live in peace if he keeps meddling in the affairs of others—if he runs after outward distractions, and little or seldom enters into himself?

Blessed are those that fix their heart on one thing alone—on pleasing God. They enjoy great peace.

Even when a little thing goes wrong we so easily become downhearted, and turn to others for consolation. But if we kept on fighting valiantly for what is right, our Lord would surely come to our rescue. He readily helps those that keep their courage in the thick of battle.

If we only work on outward things, our decision to follow Jesus will not last long. But once we lay the axe to the root, once we dig out and forsake our evil desires, we find true peace for our souls.

If we would only do this little violence to ourselves in the beginning, we could finish what we started with ease and joy.

It is hard to break old habits—harder still to go against our evil desires. But if we do not overcome little and easy things, how shall we overcome great and difficult things?

Resist bad habits or they will get you into even greater trouble.

If you only knew how much inner peace and joy it would bring you, and your companions in community, you would strive to make much greater spiritual progress!

Geert Groote, 1340-1384, Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life, Deventer, Netherlands

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