Our Father’s Loving Discipline

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 282

Leviathan comes to seize the Lord’s anointed ones, to molest, harm, and afflict them in every way.

The Lord sees this, but pretends he doesn’t notice a thing, to prove his children’s detachment from earthly things.

He wants to find out whether they will stay quiet, with true hearts, during all tribulation. He wants to discern the depth of humility in their hearts and to know whether they have separated themselves from all inordinate affection.

The Lord wants to see how his children handle discipline, and whether they are willing to throw everything they have, including their bodies and lives, onto the table of chance for him.

Seeing we can expect nothing but affliction, why not give up and accept it as it comes?

Even though the flesh braces itself against it, and the carnal nature rebels, we learn perseverance through suffering. So let us not give up! Let us keep our eyes on the Duke of our Faith in the thick of the fight!

He will strengthen us and goes striding on before us, a shining example. For the joy set before him he took up the cross, suffered the shame, and obtained mercy for us all.

Think of him! He suffered without a thought of revenge. Do not let your courage falter! Everything will work together for good.

Be strong! You have not yet resisted to blood so do not grow faint while struggling on in great danger. When it gets bad enough he will suddenly comfort you. He will stand with you, his chosen ones, the children he counts for his own.

Do not let your flesh induce you to run away from your Father’s discipline. If he did not love you, he would not practice it upon you. But as it is, every one of his children has to face it one way or another. The Lord lets them feel the whip to break their stubborn wills.

Is that unfair? What kind of a father spares the rod on his bold and rebellious sons? Would such sparing not lead to permanent harm?

Do not think God should be softer on you or lay his belt away. Every one of his children must pass through anxiety and need to attain to his saving grace.

When we were younger we accepted our parents’ discipline. Should we not obey God now? Our earthly fathers disciplined us according to what they thought best. But the discipline of our Father in Heaven is perfect and good. Even though we do not like it now, it leads us to holiness and gives our conscience peace.

Let no one steal your faith! Hope! Persevere to the end and you will be saved!

Wolfgang Sailer, Anabaptist leader in Moravia

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