Nothing Unreasonable in Jesus Demands

Ausbund, 125

The one that holds to God’s Word, nowadays, looks ridiculous in the eye of public opinion.

For refusing to take part in sin, the world falls on him in wrath and demands to know what he is trying to do. “Nobody lives like that,” the world insists. “Not a man on earth, no matter how much he loves God, lives without sin. Why be so unreasonably stubborn?”

But there is nothing unreasonable about Jesus’ commands. For those that love him they are not hard to keep. Born of God we overcome the flesh, sin, the devil, the world, possessions, and money. Only because their own hands are dirty do those of  the world suspect everyone else’s must be dirty as well.

What the world thinks is wrong! Watch out then, and flee from sin if you do not want to land in hell.

The way of Christ, the way to great joy that God has prepared, is the way of the cross.

Satan, knowing that God has rejected him, does all he can to turn Christ’s followers from that way. He drives them to and fro like a ship on the stormy sea. He throws them into jail. He oppresses and kills them, thinking it great sport. He makes fun of them saying, “If you are God’s children, show us a sign!”

But this godless and adulterous generation is so blind that even when signs occur they do not acknowledge them.

Satan says there is no man on earth that can lead a godly life all the time. But the one that is born of God proves him wrong!

Satan makes fun of the righteous when they speak of the new birth and of being washed in the blood of Christ. It makes him very angry when men no longer honour him, so he offers grace—false grace—as well. He forces everyone to come and confess to him, and persecutes all that refuse to accept the false pardon he offers them.

Abomination in the holy place! Satan falls in wicked rage on anyone bold enough to stand up against him. He cannot tolerate as much a spiritual song from them. Wherever he hears of true believers or thinks they have gathered, he comes leaping and roaring in. But the righteous will not be intimidated. They keep right on singing.

Whatever God hates is Satan’s delight. Therefore he not only supports what is wicked in the world but tries to force the saints to take part in it.

He exalts the wicked, calls righteousness evil and evil good. Like wild animals, Satan and his gang attack us, but as they kill us now, they will be killed. God hides himself for a while, but he will come back in power. The one that imprisons and persecutes will soon be locked up in hell. The one that kills with the sword shall perish with the sword of eternal condemnation.

But the one that suffers with Christ shall enter with him into everlasting joy.

The time is short. There are only two ways from which to choose. One is the narrow way, through suffering, into the little door of eternal rest. The other is the wide stairway down to hell.

Blessed are the born again! Blessed are those that leave their possessions, their money, their greed, their pride, and their lust for power. Escaping hell they choose the narrow way, not looking back, and press on to win the prize.

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th Century, Europe

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