No Shrinking Back

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 27

Lord you can heal me! Strengthen my faith for what I will face today! I give my spirit to you and rejoice to know that you will remember me in my last hour. Today I will take up my cross! Forgive those that lay it upon me because they know not what they do.

Even though they hate me for it and separate my body from my soul, I cannot leave your Word. I trust in you! You are my only comforter! From your Word I have clearly understood that the one who believes and is baptised will be saved. Why should anyone shrink back from a little stream of water? To avoid it brings disaster. To pass through it brings us onto the right way! We need to show with works what we believe.

Sisters and brothers, trust in God! Do not be overly sorrowful about my death. Everything we lose here will be given back to us again!

The one that lives an easy life here will suffer in the next. So let us suffer now with great patience. If they strike us one cheek, let us turn the other. Before laying our gift on the altar let us go and be reconciled with our brothers. Let us forgive one another.

Lord Jesus, today I must die! My spirit cries to you. Do not let my flesh shrink back from coming under your yoke!

Thomas Hermann,     -1528, Kitzbühel, Tirol, Austria

When Thomas pushed through crowd to answer the challenge of the executioner at a public burning of Anabaptist heretics, he said, “I have told you the truth, and I will freely testify to it with my blood.” Caught at once, he was imprisoned, tortured, and also burned alive.

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