No Joke for the Heathen

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 142

Lord, I find myself in turmoil all the time. I can hardly remember how it used to be when I still led a comfortable and happy life.

Sorrow and distress have come upon me and I must carry them to the end, where I shall receive a robe of joy, a crown, and the delight of being with you forever.

Save me out of distress, Lord, so my life does not become a joke for the heathen!

Night calls to night and great turmoil continues. Every day I live in anxiety, and the godless afflict me more. Support me for I am weak! Save me from great darkness and the sleep of death! Guard my inner being so my flesh may not induce me to give way under torture. Deliver me from Satan’s snares and blows and I will bravely confess before all men that you are my helper. Stand with me Jesus Christ, until I make my way into eternal joy.

Hermann Schmidt, 16’th Century, Moravia

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