No Fear with Love

Ausbund, 87

Through love we overcome the devil, sin, death and hell. The one that loves shall not be led astray. Nothing will get between him and God, for love overcomes. Love survives. No one can vanquish love.

Where love flows in, fear must flee. The pain and distress of fear cannot live in the presence of love. There is no pain in God’s love. Where love reigns, sorrow melts into never-ending joy.

So let us love God but not with words alone. Let us love him with truth and deeds in all places. Let us do good to all of his children here, for how can the one that does not love his brother say he loves God in heaven, far away?

No one has greater love for his friends than the one that lays it down, like Christ, for his brothers and sisters. That is how we begin to show our love for God.

Lord give us perfect love! Give us love to you and pure love for your children out of the bottom of our hearts! Give us love so we may obey you and keep your covenant, not for wages like hired men, but out of the freedom of our hearts. Love will keep us from seeking our own good and move us to serve others.

anonymous Anabaptist writer, 16’th century, Europe

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