My Heart Longs for You

Ausbund, 36

Father, I cry to you from the innermost part of my soul: Do not let me turn away from you! Keep me in the truth to the end. Keep my heart and mouth. Watch for me so trouble, anxiety and distress do not separate me from you. Keep me pure in joy!

Father teach me, your poor unworthy child, and show me the way! I want to know how to walk through torture, fear, distress, and death. Keep me in your love!

Some travel with me. The cup of suffering stands before us but there is also much false teaching. Many try to turn us away from Christ our Lord. For this reason I lift my soul to you. Do not let me be put to shame. Do not let the enemy exalt himself over me!

I lie in the enemy’s hands, locked up. My heart longs for you with overcoming desire. When will you come to set me free?

Oh God, make us like the five virgins ready to meet you. Give me to eat and drink of your Truth. If you withdraw yourself from me, all is lost!

I do not doubt your power, Lord, and I know your judgement is true. You will not forsake anyone that stands strong in faith and keeps to the right way. Therefore, Christians, rejoice in Christ! Be glad in the one that loves you and comforts you with his words!

I commend myself to God and his community. He will be my escort today and defend the honour of his name.  

Ursula Helrigling, 1521 –     , St. Petersberg, Tirol, Austria

Converted young, Ursula lost her mother who was killed for her Anabaptist faith. Arrested when 17, she was imprisoned with three brothers (one recanted), chained to the Anabaptist messenger Jörg Liebich for a time to tempt him, later transported to Italy, ransomed by friends.  

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