Message from Jörg Liebich

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 120

I praise you God, for the love and grace that came to me through Jesus Christ! Your voice rang out from heaven: “This is my beloved Son. Hear him!” And now Christ redeems from the dead all that believe and are baptised. He buys them with his Word that frees us from sin.

Sinners, don’t you hear God calling you to repentance, through his Son? Let him deliver you from a frivolous life! Do not presume on grace. Turn your backs on possessions and money. Turn from the wicked world and look for the narrow way to the Kingdom of Heaven!

To the one that asks, knocks on the door, and flees from sin, it will open up. To the one that longs for the eternal Word the bread of heaven will come. But in whom it does not take life and form, Christ’s work remains of no avail.

The blood of Christ is the Spirit with which he feeds his children. It is food that does not perish but works in our hearts to lead us into eternal life.

We are made perfect in Christ, the Truth. Living members of his body we learn the way of godliness and have fellowship one with another in him. All this comes from God’s grace working in us, and for this I lie here in bonds.

God disciplines us like children to see if we will obey him, baptised into his death and bought with his blood from sin. So we call on him to help us and give us the power to overcome.

The world rages against Christ and his teaching. But God will take care of the world. Let us be patient. Let us turn from the laws of men to seek the treasure of grace in Christ. Let us love like he loved and keep his Word so our lives will bear fruit forever.

Jörg Liebich, 1540s, Tirol, Austria

Captured in the Inn Valley, thrown into the deep dungeon of the Vellenberg Castle, near Innsbruck. Tempted much by Satan, interrogated, finally chained to a young girl (Ursula Helrigelin) to tempt him, sentenced to galley slavery in Italy, several more years in prison, finally banished.

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