Love and Serve God Now

The Following of Christ

Be watchful and diligent in God’s service. Remember why you came into this community and why you left the world.

Didn’t you come to this place so you might live for God and become a spiritual person? Pay much attention then to making spiritual progress, because you will soon receive the reward of your labours. If you have lived well, there will be neither fear nor sorrow at the hour of your death.

Just keep on working faithfully, a little longer, and you will come to great rest in everlasting joy.

A certain man, full of anxiety, often wavered between fear and hope of his salvation. One day, overcome by a great sadness in prayer before God, the following thought came to his mind: “Oh, if I only knew that I should persevere until the end.” Then he heard within himself the answer from God: “And if you knew it, what would you do then? Do now, what you would do then, and you will be perfectly safe.”

Strengthened and comforted by this inspiration, he committed himself into God’s hands and his anxious wavering ceased. From that point onward he stopped worrying about what would happen to him, and paid attention to nothing but loving and serving God now.

When you begin to grow lax and lukewarm you also begin to get uneasy. But when you give yourself fervently to Jesus you will find much peace, and your work will grow lighter with his help.

Geert Groote, 1340-1384, Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life, Deventer, Netherlands

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