Lot’s Wife

Ausbund, 113

Come Christians, let us be witnesses for Christ! Driven by love, Christ willingly suffered the cross and shame. He is our example. Let us follow him!

“Whoever will not let go of his wife, his land, or his children, whoever will not hate his own life, for my sake cannot be my disciple,” Christ said. So let us not think anything to hard to bear. God will give patience and comfort and help us carry it out.

Let us fight for the prize! Let us remember Lot’s wife who looked back, lamenting the loss of her goods.  No tribulation will hinder us anymore. All men can do is arrest us and burn our bodies with fire.

Thank you Lord for clearly showing us the way! No serpents with false doctrine can harm us no more.

anonymous song, written in prison at Passau, Germany, 1530s

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