Living in Sunlight

Lieder der Hutterischen Brüder, 283

Early in the morning I thank God with my whole heart for having brought me through the dark night in which I lay in so much pain.

I thank him for opening my eyes so I may avoid the world’s abominations in which so many have become entangled. I thank him for waking me up and sweeping sin out of my life.

Lord, lead me out now, into the clear light of the sun! Guide me with your rod and staff through dangerous times.

The whole world lies in wickedness, paying no attention to the calamity of souls. Hell stands open, ready to swallow those that walk according to their own lusts and make a covenant with death.

They love worldly pleasure more than God and miss the right Way, but I have made a promise. I have vowed to stick to the path that leads to his eternal Kingdom.

Protect me Lord from the devil at noon, coming with shining robes, like an angel, to deceive me. Help me through the heat of the day—the ideas and priorities of the world—so I may enter your Sabbath rest with joy.

Nothing works greater damage than for a man to spend all his time depressed, feeling sorry for himself.

We must let go of ourselves to gain the Kingdom! Our houses, our marriage partners, children, and all created things, even our own lives, we must risk for the honour of God. We cannot seek what is high in the world and please God at the same time.

We serve a jealous God. He will have nothing else but our complete love and our whole heart, free of affection for created things.

Flee, dark night! Joyful sunlight, drive all evil away! World, I want no more of your honour, pride, and power. I want to love you Lord, alone! Let the sun of your favour shine on my heart since Christ the beloved has carried my sins away.

Grace and peace! This is what Jesus brings, and no one needs to die in his sins anymore.   

Wolfgang Sailer, ca. 1500-1550, Anabaptist leader at Auspitz, Moravia

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